From the recording Dangerous Lover - Single


She got a pretty smile, she already knows my name
You know it's been a while, but she still playin' her game
She comes walkin up to me, in her knee high leather boots
She got that old time rhythm and blues when she moves
She says, she don't want nobody else
she want a hot shot sugar man
She's a dangerous lover
She always playing me right
She's a dangerous lover
She gonna keep me up all night
She does it with mirrors, and a few white lies
then everything disappears cause she got me hypnotized
And I know, she can get a little hot for me
She got a little hot body, and I gotta get what I need
I'm in danger again, I really need some medicine
I need some sugar, I need to taste those sweet red lips
over and over and over and over again
She's a dangerous lover
and I'm her sugarman
She's a dangerous lover
I can't get enough
I can't quit my baby
cause she's dangerous