From the recording Hot To Trot

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I thought you weren't coming over tonight
I was alone and I was waiting for you baby
stoned out of my mind with love
knock knock comes out of the night
You caught me by surprise
Even the Devil Has Angels
I can't resist my baby's love yea
Even the Devil Has Angels
You said that I've been misbehaving
I've been a real bad boy lately
but you make me so thirsty that it hurts
you ain't no saint you say
well I can testify
Even the Devil Has Angels, I know my baby fell from heaven
I've gotta make a confession, I got it bad bad bad for you baby
got my demos always screamin
I can't help myself with my fixation (my fallen angel)
Addicted to your love's intoxication
Every word you say makes a vibration in my soul
heaven only knows that you can make me lose control
you really drive me crazy baby
even the devil needs love
pick me up, put me down, shake me all around