1. High Time

From the recording Unforgettable Ride

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I took a walk down Broadway
I was lookin' for love in the city
You know it's my time and my town
I got a room just a block away
so give me a smile, are you a good girl? sometimes
If we can let go
we'll be late night lovers
If you can keep up, and get down
and let me wear you like a crown
Because it's high time baby
for you and I
I need to light up my cigarette
I gotta get me a fix sometimes
Then I turn up the stereo
Now you were lookin' for love, I was lookin' love
Now you feel like a woman, now I feel like a woman
If you can keep up, and get down
oh, let me wear you honey
It's high time, baby, for you and I
It's you and me, baby, tonight, you and me baby, let's do this
it's high time for you and I